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what is organic?
Organic is the most sustainable manner of farming and food production.

Organic is the most sustainable manner of farming and food production. Organic farming and food production reduces the environmental impact, promotes the biodiversity, preserves natural resources, conserves cycles, keeps the countryside livable, and spoils customers with naturally made products that contain all-natural ingredients.

Various regulations lay down the requirements of organic produce. The institute SKAL verifies if these requirements are being upheld.

You can recognize organic products by the logo of the ‘green leaf’. This ECO certification is the European certification for organic products and/or the term ‘organic’ or translations thereof.

Characteristics of Organic Farming

  • Organic farming is land-bound. Crops can exclusively be grown on soil and not on water or on an artificial surface such as stone wool.
  • Farmers make no use of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers, but use solely natural pesticides.
  • The natural cycle is preserved. Manure is used as nutrients for the crops. This way, the crops can be used both for people and livestock. Non-mixed companies such as arable farms and pig farms work together to form a cycle. The manure of the livestock farm is transported to the arable farm, and the arable farm supplies straw and feed to the livestock farm.
  • Organic farmers grow varieties that are less susceptible to diseases and pests.
  • Organic farmers rotate between crops on the land: crop rotation. In case of a pest, the farmer can grow a crop that is less susceptible to pests. Ultimately, the pest will subside.
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