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the best quality of products

Delivering a quality optimal product: that is what Van der Woerd bio-agro-products is all about.

We grow the following products and varieties in the cultivation year 2017 - 2018:


Potatoes (Seed and Consumption)


We grow seed potatoes and potatoes for human consumption. The potato varieties are Vitabella, Nicola, Cephora, Toronto and Bergerac.

We have our own sorting line and storage facilities to guarantee an optimal quality of our potatoes.




We grow organic chicory for Lof in Espel. Our main varieties are Vintor, Baccara and First Lady. The sorting takes place at Sijtsma in Ens, and the storage is at several chicory extractors or at Lof in Espel.





We sow spinach from the beginning of May until the end of June. The spinach is harvested 5 weeks after sowing. We grow leaf spinach and spinach for processing.




We grow red and yellow onions of the varieties Kamal, Rolein and Hybing for the early segment, and Santero and Redspark for storage.  In storage, the onions are blow-dried and, immediately thereafter, cooled to a temperature of 0 degrees.




We grow alfalfa as a resting phase for the land. This way the soil can rest and the land stays fertile. The alfalfa is mowed, plucked and dried by the (grass) drying plant. Eventually it will be used as feed for the organic livestock farm.




We sow carrots from the beginning of March until May. In June, we start harvesting the early varieties Carvora and Laguna. Thereafter we continue with the varieties Romance, Norway and Nerac. This method enables us to supply carrots from the beginning of July until the beginning of May.

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