Van der Woerd beeldmerk
Organic Farming beeldmerk

strive for perfection and innovation

We strive to work our crops by means of high-quality techniques through constant innovation in our machinery in combination with collaborations with engineers and constructors. Most of our machines are equipped with GPS, which enables the best possible accuracy.
The following are some of our machines:


AVR/PUMA Potato and Chicory Harvester:

The AVR Puma was purchased in 2016 and is used in the processing of various crops, for example, the harvesting of potatoes, the loading of onions, and the grubbing-up of chicory.


ASA-LIFT Carrot Harvest


The ASA-LIFT carrot harvester was replaced by a new one in 2016. The harvester is used from the beginning of July until the end of November in the grubbing-up of the carrots for the daily trade as well as the carrots for storage


Solar Weeder

Our company owns 4 Solar Weeders for weed removal. These weeders improve the work process and job satisfaction. There can be 26 persons in total working under the roof of a weeder.


Brander Vanhoucke

This machine is used to burn weeds in the sprouting phase of onions, chicory and carrots. The machine is also used to burn the leaves when the potatoes are done growing.


Scuffle Hoe


Details: Almost all scuffle hoes are maintained and adapted annually to optimize their functioning. We also have a harrow for small weeds. This harrow is used for alfalfa, spinach, onions, chicory and potatoes.

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