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Van der Woerd Bio-agro-products


Van der Woerd Bio-Agro-Products is located at the Zuidermeerweg in Tollebeek since 1656. Henry van der Woerd is the third generation to run the company with a true passion for the profession. Henry is married to Ilse, and together they have two children: Ruben and Rosalie.

In 2008 the company transitioned from regular to organic farming. This transition came about for economic reasons as well as an increased awareness of the importance of sustainability and environment.



Henry van der Woerd cannot single-handedly keep the company up and running. There is 170 hectare land that needs to be farmed, and skilled professionals are crucial.

An important partner is Peter Eilander (Eilander Biologische Akkerbouw).

In addition, Eric, Hans, Jules and Huub are part of the regular team, expanded by trainees of Groenhorst College. In weed season, Level 1 makes sure that there are enough people to weed the lots. Together with Ilse, Ellen Scheper from ES administration keeps the administration in order.


It is a considerable amount of work, but together we keep this beautiful company a success!






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