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quality and innovation

Van der Woerd Bio-Agro-Products:

Quality and Innovation


Van der Woerd Bio-Agro-Products is located in Tollebeek, in the Noordoostpolder. Van der Woerd Bio-Agro-Products highly values quality of organic agricultural produce. Through knowledge, expertise and innovation, and in collaboration with our partners, we aim to grow and deliver the optimal product for the organic sector, both locally and abroad.


The Company

Van der Woerd Bio-Agro-Products is constantly in motion. This website describes the development of our company, the crops, the cultivation, our storing facilities, and the mechanization. You can watch photos and videos.



In collaboration with TPC in Emmeloord, Van der Woerd Bio-Agro-Products grows the organic Bergerac: the purple truffle potato that effectively contributes to the treatment of intestinal cancer. For more information, click here.



Van der Woerd Bio-Agro-Products is GLOBALGAP, SKAL , BIOSUISSE and GRASP certified.




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